Top 5 celebrities Driving the NFT craze

Non-fungible tokens are changing the dynamics of the web. the blue check mark used to be the benchmark of authority and status on social media however, the emergence of the NFT profile picture is starting to eclipse it. You might have discovered the influx of celebrities changing their Twitter profile pics to their preferred digital assets or maybe you discovered lots of celebrities releasing their own NFTs. with that said, we thought we’d take a look at the ways in which celebrities are using NFTs.

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Image through bored Ape Yacht Club

Timbaland is a substantial supporter of blockchain technology. The legendary hip-hop producer has even launched his own music on the blockchain, so it’s no surprise that he invested big, purchasing bored Ape Yacht Clubs #590 Ape. In fact, he loves the project so much that he just launched ‘Ape-In Productions’ an organisation aiming to develop virtual music and animation featuring the infamous Apes.

With such a significant price tag, you might find it hard to believe that someone would pay so much for an expensive JPEG. but owners are also given entry to one of the most exclusive communities in the world. many interaction within the community is conducted through the private discord server. The club has been relatively underground this year but we got a peek of the BAYC recently during Ape fest. The festival developed exclusively for Ape owners, was one of the most exclusive events in the world. starting at the end of October and spreading out over a week, the festival had live music, dinners, and of course, a yacht party.

Image through LarvaLabs
Jay Z

We all know Jay-Z as one of the most successful musicians of all time, but nowadays he’s mostly an entrepreneur and investor. His first NFT purchase was fittingly from one of the most expensive collections in the world: the CryptoPunk. started by LarvaLabs in 2017, each punk features a pixelated human, ape or alien and Jay-Z purchased CryptoPunk #6095 for $126,000 dollars.

With only 10,000 being released, CryptoPunk is one of the most desired NFTs in the world. Newcomers may balk at the simpleness of the design, but this taps into the very essence of the craze. As the one true recorded owner of this image, setting it as your profile picture on social media allows you to make a bold statement about your status and wealth. As we relocation to a different social media environment credentials are essential to navigate through different communities.

Image through NBA top Shots
Lebron James

LeBron James has lots of profitable commercial endorsements, so it’s no surprise that a LeBron James featured NFT fetches a high price. one of the most significant NFT projects: NBA top shots, boasts daily sales of $1.8 million dollars and this year, LeBron’s signature renowned “Kobe Byrant Tribute Dunk” sold for nearly $400,000 dollars.

NBA TopShots allows fans to collect and trade officially licensed NBA and WNBA NFTs and in this case a video of James celebrating the death of his pal and former Lakers star Kobe Bryant, by copying one of Bryant’s many memorable dunks.

Tony Hawk

Every sportsman has to end their careers at some point, but none have done as much for streetwear culture as Tony Hawk. recently the godfather of skating and pop culture icon delivered his final performance of the 540-degree “Ollie” and a video of it was minted as an NFT on the blockchain. describing his last trick, Hawk said on instagram “This one implied a lot to me.” We probably won’t see Tony Hawk skate again but the NFT of his last trick will live on as it continues to be traded as a digital asset on the internet.

Image through Gary Vaynerchuck
Gary Vaynerchuck

Belarusian entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck has become somewhat of a spokesperson for digital assets. The businessman who created the restaurant reservation software Resy has gained a cult following for his NFT project VeeFriends. VeeFriends introduces some interesting concepts, for example each token is redeemable for various perks.

The “FaceTime Frog” gives the owner a virtual access pass to meet Vaynerchuck and the “Tennis Elbow” token allows you to play tennis against him. Gary is giving up his time for people that are prepared to participate in the VeeFriends ecosystem. The much more people it attracts the much more the users benefit from the rising of the assets.

For many, the tokenisation of online culture is a welcome break from the legacy practices of the current internet. numerous artists and creators will want to tokenise their work, allowing them to kickstart projects and seek capital in a way that quickly gives fractional ownership to their followers.

Investors are incentivised to promote the creator’s work and contribute to its community so that the asset grows in value. artists typically tjänar automatisk kommission från framtida återförsäljning eftersom återförsäljningsstrukturen är inbäddad i Tokens -kontraktet. Detta innebär att när ett projekts popularitet växer och det fortsätter att säljas kan konstnären fortfarande tjäna på sin framgång.

Kändisar experimenterar med denna nya teknik på olika sätt, vissa kändisar använder den för att erbjuda en annan typ av erfarenhet till sina kunder och vissa hänger sig själva genom att göra stora investeringar. Det överlägset mest synliga användningsfallet för NFTS är profilbilden, och nu när Twitter släpper inbyggd verifiering på sin plattform kommer mycket fler användare att börja investera i sina föredragna projekt.

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Bild genom uttråkad Ape Yacht Club

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